#7 Dan Routh, CFP® – Financial Planning for Veterinarians


In this episode, I’m joined by Dan Routh, CFP®. The episode is unique in the fact that Dan will be an on-going presence on the show, so I wanted to interview him first. Dan shares his story of why did he decide to be a financial advisor, and how it wasn’t a life long passion. Why veterinary medicine is so important to him (Spoiler: His wife). The unique challenges that veterinarian students face, as he witnessed it during Kelsey’s time at Oklahoma State University. What is specific to the planning needs of veterinarians. What good financial advice looks like. Finally, listen to the end where we touch on success and time, and how that matters to Dan and his family. 

Dan’s Blog: https://pointedforward.com/ 

Old Peak Finance: https://oldpeakfinance.com/ 

Dan’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanRouthCFP

The Time Tweet we discuss: https://twitter.com/edborgato/status/1120804090064199680?s=12 

The Disney Article I discuss: https://www.thecut.com/2019/03/abigail-disney-has-more-money-than-shell-ever-spend.html 

Top 10 Questions to ask a Financial Advisor from the CFP® Board: http://www.letsmakeaplan.org/blog/view/lets-make-a-plan-blogs/ten-questions-to-ask-your-cfp-professional 

Consumer resources from NAPFA for evaluating a financial advisor: https://www.napfa.org/financial-planning/consumer-resources