Veterinary Financial Podcast – Burning Questions for a Financial Planner

Meredith Jones, DVM, and Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, FFCert asked Isaiah Douglass, a Certified Financial Planner, to weigh in with his expert advice on burning financial questions we’ve received from vets. Isaiah is a partner in Vincere Wealth Management and the host of the Veterinarian Success Podcast.

– How do financial planners get paid?

– When to know if you need a financial planner / advisor

– What are the purposes and benefits of seeking financial advice?

– How to save for the “tax bomb” at the end of income-driven student loan repayment

– What is the difference between compound interest vs. simple interest?

– Why Isaiah is such a big advocate for practice ownership

– What self-limiting beliefs keep vets from building wealth?