Maximizing 401(k) Contributions: A Path to Easing Student Loan Payments for Veterinarians on an Income-Driven Repayment Plan

Veterinarians are dedicated to the well-being of animals, but the burden of student loan debt often looms over their financial stability. For those on an income-driven repayment plan, finding effective strategies to alleviate this pressure is crucial. One often overlooked approach is leveraging the power of pre-tax 401(k) contributions. By

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Effectively Managing Variable Cash Flow: The Power of ProfitFirst™ System for Self-Employed Relief Veterinarians

Self-employed relief veterinarians often grapple with the challenge of managing unpredictable cash flow, which makes it difficult to plan for taxes and expenses, save for emergencies, and achieve financial stability. However, the ProfitFirst system offers a solution that empowers relief veterinarians to take control of their finances and establish a

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The Trap of Consumerism: The Diderot Effect

As defined by Merriam-Webster, consumerism is the idea that the consumption of goods is desirable. Stated differently, buying new things will make me happier. If only I had that new coat, car, kitchen appliance, toy, if only…if only… if only. Then, you get that desired object and are happy, but

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3 Financial Tips to Keep in Mind When Paying Off Student Loans

Graduating from veterinary school is a momentous occasion and one that any student should be incredibly proud of doing. As you leave the confines of your college campus and begin your life in the “real world,” the financial burden of graduating with student loan debt becomes a reality. Sitting at

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Supercharge Rewards on ALL Spending (Yes, including Bills)

For the audio version and discussion of this article, click the Spotify link below. There is nothing wrong with being frugal or liking a deal. I titled this the cheapskate’s way to stack bitcoin because today, there is an asymmetry to earn satoshis (what are satoshis?)  or sats. All you

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Let’s Talk About Money w/Isaiah Douglass

Julie Squires a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Certified Life Coach & Podcaster interviewed Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP®, CEPA to talk about money. She asked, “What’s one non-consensus view you have on personal finance for veterinarians?” Tune in to check it out! Check out Jules’ podcast here ➡

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#33 Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP® – The One Year Interview

In this episode, the tables are turned, and Dan Routh takes control of the microphone and interviews Isaiah. Dan digs into Isaiah’s story and his background. How did someone born on a farm find his way to financial planning? His journey to starting his firm and the “why” behind it.

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